With fall upon us, and the new year just ahead, now is the perfect time to think about updating your interior decor.

Many people get bored with their home as “nesting” season starts, but they don’t know what to do.

Giving a room a make-over is a relatively low-cost and  easy place to start.   And, it’s way less expensive than doing a reno.

Where better to start than in the one room that should be a sanctuary–your master bedroom?

Regardless of size, a master bedroom should be a place to rejuvenate, rest, and recover from the rest of the world.

Some trends to consider for 2019 include mixing patterns in your bedding and decor. While this may sound haphazard to some, it works best if you apply the 60-30-10 rule.
Your dominant pattern will take up 60% of the space, a different pattern on accent pieces for  approximately 30% of the space, and add a bold touch  for 10%.
Make sure the patterns are different, but the overall effect will be complementary.   A color wheel can help you pick good color combinations, too.

Window treatments should also be part of the makeover.  Taking advantage of natural lighting, blocking out neighbors, and adding to the feel of your special room are all considerations in the face-lift.

Whether you want to go tech and have blinds or shades that close and open on a timer, or with a remote controller, or you prefer more traditional treatments, choosing window treatments and drapery/curtain fabrics to complement your bedding ensemble is as easy as speaking to Donna.

You can also add wood accents (such as mirror or photo frames), decorative storage chests, and re-upholstered seating to change the feel of your room and make it warmer against a neutral, but warm paint color.  Wallpaper for accent walls is even making a comeback, to add texture and personality to a room.

During your complimentary consultation with Donna at Clairmont Custom Draperies & Decor, she will make suggestions, show you fabric samples, take measurements…  and will walk you through decor options.

Don’t face another dreary island winter just wishing your bedroom (or any other room) made you feel cozier or happier.  Help is just a call away…as is a 10% savings on fabric before November 30.